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From the Pastor


I am most grateful for the incredible privilege of serving God’s Church with each and every one of you every day.


Years ago, the founding members of our parish were inspired to build “A house for the Church of St. Gregory.”


Now is the acceptable time for us to fulfill this dream cared for by our pastor emeritus Monsignor Louis by expanding our present Church facility to include gathering spaces that will enable us to facilitate our strategic plan built upon the ministry of Word, Worship, Community and Service.


We hope to raise a minimum of $2.5 million in the coming months to fund the expansion of our Church for a new Ministry Center.


Your support is essential to the success of this building campaign Forward in Faith.  May the following pages inspire and encourage your generous participation.  I believe with all my heart the parish is, first, a people, and the most effective instrument of evangelization is the parish’s visible hospitality, its vitality, and its own faithfulness to Christ.


The Church of Saint Gregory stands ready to build on some forty years of life and experience and recommit itself to the all-important ministry of Evangelization in the 21st century.  We are a people called together by God to build for God’s community as stewards of God’s gifts.


I invite you to share the vision.


Father John


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On Pentecost Sunday, June 12, 2011, the Most Reverend Joseph C. Bambera authored a Pastoral Letter, “Wounded and Loved, Re-gathering the Scattered—A Pastoral Vision for the Church of Scranton”. A notable element of this Pastoral Letter is the call of all the baptized to be servant leaders and to lead lives rooted in service to God, neighbor, self, and creation.


The Pastoral Council of the Church of Saint Gregory spent a year reflecting on Bishop Bambera’s pastoral plan and our roles and responsibilities as servant leaders. This refection culminated in a long range strategic plan titled Forward in Faith. In developing this plan, the Council invited all parishioners to share their ideas, hopes, and dreams. Through surveys, focus groups and meetings, we received over 400 responses. These responses formed the basis of the twelve goals of the strategic plan. Through the support of three coordinating teams, our parish has already taken steps to implement many of these goals. Parishioners identified a critical need for additional space given the current limitations of our current parish campus. In building our new Ministry Center we hope to accomplish a goal of the strategic plan to build a space that facilitates and enhances community gatherings, faith formation, and liturgical celebration.


Our Ministry Center will be a beacon that calls the community to the inner life of the Spirit.


The Ministry Center will provide space to meet our increasing needs and opportunities for worship and sacramental celebrations; days and evenings of reflection; reconciliation and healing; prayer and private devotions; sacred music and education; and religious formation, including RCIA, children’s liturgy of the Word, faith sharing, study groups, VBS, and retreats.


Our New Space


Building additional space at the Church will enable our parish family to expand upon the liturgical and sacramental center of our parish, and support the parish’s desire to fulfill Christ’s call to service in new ways.


The new space should extend sacred spaces from the Church and serve at the crossroads of Church and everyday life.


The new ministry center will enhance the spiritual life of our parish by creating flexible space in various configurations supporting parish life in the areas of Word, Worship, Community and Service as defined by our long range strategic plan Forward in Faith.



Renovations & Updating: Approx.  $500,000

After 40 years of service since its dedication in 1976, our beloved church is in need of the following repairs and updates to meet the needs of our evolving parish community in the coming years:

  • Update lighting for better control and energy efficiency
  • Replace carpet which is 25 years old
  • Install ramp and railings for accessibility to the sanctuary for celebrant, ministers and lectors
  • Expansion and reorientation of the music area
  • Expansion of the permanent seating to accommodate an additional 100 seats
  • Relocate sacristy
  • Expansion of toilet facilities to meet relevant codes and expanded use of building
  • Install new sprinkler system




Ministry Center: Approx.  $2,500,000

The new meeting and gathering spaces will accommodate and facilitate special liturgies.  The new and expanding ministries of the parish’s four coordinating teams will include:

  • An expanded narthex area to facilitate circulation among the existing and new spaces as well as gathering and greeting space before and after liturgical events
  • Two parish community rooms to provide informal space for meeting and fellowship consisting of a parish “living room” and an expanded café
  • Two large conference/meeting rooms
  • A large parish gathering space to accommodate 120-150 people for hospitality, liturgy, education and faith formation.
  • A music rehearsal/ large seminar room to seat 40/50
  • Kitchen area and storage




Renovation and Expansion: Approx.  $500,000

Our parish campus infrastructure will be updated and expanded to accommodate the  Ministry Center expansion

  • Realignment of the entry drive to provide area for the building project
  • New relocated handicapped parking more proximate to the church entrance
  • New and expanded sidewalks and terrace area for circulation to the new entrance points to the church and Ministry center.
  • Additional parking on the land adjacent to the entry drive
  • Demolition of the storage garage
  • Expansion of existing office space



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  • New opportunities for sacramental preparation (Baptism, Penance, First Eucharist, Confirmation) i.e. retreats, parent meetings, workshops and family events.
  • Continue to promote Sunday as the “Weekly Easter”, and gather people in new ways before and after Mass.
  • Extend our worship space for special liturgical rituals during Advent, Christmas, Lent, the Great Triduum, Easter and Pentecost.
  • Provide space for dismissal of children (Children’s Liturgy of the Word) and catechumens (Rite of Christian Initiation) at Mass.
  • Provide space outside the existing worship space for the ministry of hospitality before and after Sunday Mass to foster a greater sense of sacred within our present worship space.
  • Create space for families to gather and greet friends prior to the start of a funeral Mass.
  • Create a gathering space for family and friends before and after Weddings.
  • Provide separate and appropriate rehearsal space for music ministers to prepare and rehearse outside of church before Mass and during the week.



  • Adult Formation classes for the Right of Christian Initiation of Adults.
  • Encourage Faith Sharing, Lecture and Scripture Study groups for all ages.
  • Faith formation sessions for our children and young adults on weekday afternoons and evenings in addition to Sunday mornings.
  • Enhanced daytime space for educational, music and spiritual opportunities for OLP students.



  • Involve parishioners in social ministry through new educational programs and activities responding to human needs whatever and wherever they may be.
  • Create space for various groups to meet and organize around the needs of hunger, housing, illness, loneliness, employment, fair wages, physical disabilities or ecological sustainability.
  • Create collection space for weekly and seasonal collections.



  • New opportunities for peer group ministries, i.e. bereavement, single parents etc.
  • New opportunities for larger groups of parishioners to come together and nurture relationships as members of this parish family in many and new ways.
  • Create space for parish organizations, coordinating teams, ministry teams and all other groups of any age to meet and organize for parish activities and special events.
  • Seasonal parish fun events for children, young adults, families and friends.

Your Part


The Campaign for The Church of Saint Gregory calls for support from the entire community. With your help, we can build our own history and prepare for a bright future.


Donations to The Church of Saint Gregory are tax-deductible and may be made in the following ways:


CASH: Cash given over a multi-year pledge is the most common and popular way of giving. You may find that you will be able to increase the size of your gift if you extend payments over the full 3-year pledge period. Parishioners wanting to make a gift with our online giving program can make a gift annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly.


MATCHING GIFTS: If you, or your spouse, are affiliated with a company with a matching gift program, you may double the impact of your gift. Please investigate this opportunity with your employer or contact The Church of Saint Gregory for more information.


SECURITIES: Please contact The Church of Saint Gregory. Federal tax laws provide for a charitable deduction for the full market value of securities gifted as of the date of your gift. If you would like to make a year-end gift of appreciated stock for tax planning purposes, please call the Office for the information you will need to provide your broker to complete a stock transfer transaction. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.



Campaign Steering Committee


David Tressler (Chairperson), William Burkavage, Yvonne Cronkey, John Devine and James Fleming.


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